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Allan Allsop [Arabic script]

1916 1917


Arnold Harrington Ordnance Corps Mudros

[indistinct - Xmas?]


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[crossed out] Send parcels to A.M.C. Comforts Dept of 219 Geo St Sydney

H.G. Wilson - Stan Wilson's Brother "Oroya" Boundary St Roseville


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1916 January

Miss D. Allsop 180 Mc. Pherson St Essendon

[Horrie's] Address Mrs I Bloomfield 87 [Tennyston] St Essendon

Miss Minnie [Craze] [crossed out] 10 Linden Avenue [crossed out] St Kilda 10 Linton St Balaclava

1 Saturday

Visit by Colonel etc, very quiet day

Two dates previous to this see end of book

2 Sunday

Nothing except preparing to return to Serapeum. Left Hockley's Hollow 2km, arrived Serapeum 5pm [?emions] march


Doing our bit, Mosman 1914-1918