What is FromThePage?

FromThePage is open source software that allows volunteers to transcribe handwritten documents online. It’s easy to index and annotate subjects within a text using a simple, wiki-like mark-up. Users can discuss difficult writing or obscure words within a page to refine their transcription. The resulting text is hosted on the web, making documents easy to read and search.

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  1. Wiki-style Editing

    Users add or edit transcriptions using simple, wiki-style syntax on one side of the screen while viewing a scanned image of the manuscript page on the other side.

  2. Version Control

    Changes to each page transcription are recorded and may be viewed to follow the edit history of a page.

  3. Wikilinks

    Subjects mentioned within the document may are indexed via simple wikilinks within the transcription. Users can annotate subjects with full subject articles.

  4. Presentation

    Readers can view transcriptions in a multi-page format or alongside page images. They can also read all the pages that mention a subject

  5. Automatic Markup

    FromThePage can suggest wikilinks to editors by mining previously edited transcriptions. This helps insure editorial consistency and vastly reduces the amount of effort involved in markup.

  6. Integrations

    FromThePage integrates easily with systems where your documents are already loaded, including the Internet Archive and Omeka.

  7. Translation

    FromThePage supports foreign language material which can be transcribed in full UTF-8. A translator's workflow allows creation of parallel texts.

  8. OCR Correction

    Not just for handwritten materials, FromThePage can import OCR alongside the original image for users to correct and edit.

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